Locations Update

Reely Hooked Fish Co. was officially incorporated in August of 2016.  The company was founded by two Florida Wildland Firefighters as a way to give back to the fallen. Their adventure began selling at local farmer’s markets in South Florida and the smoked fish dip was such a hit that the company rocket launched in 2017. The pair had local breweries in their crosshairs since they felt breweries hosted a perfect demographic for their unique and healthy fish dip. They shared similar missions and philosophies regarding local community growth that also made them attractive partners.

In February, Reely Hooked launched their first brewery partnership at M.I.A. Beer Company in Doral, FL. M.I.A was revamping their menu to host a variety of local based food vendors. The M.I.A crew loved the smoked fish dip and thought the authentic Floridian dish would fit perfectly. After all, Reely Hooked Fish dip is locally sourced and made with all healthy ingredients. The Reely Hooked guys enjoyed the ambiance of their brewery and they were very impressed with the people and branding which just screamed “LOCAL MIAMI”. It was a perfect signature location to launch their smoked fish dip. Check it out on MIA’s menu next time you stop by for a cold pint. The fellas had several flights of beer over the course of their “meetings”, and the Miami Weiss and M.I.A. Sharona proved to be some fantastic pairing beers.

Shortly after M.I.A Beer Company, The Reely Hooked guys landed a retail partnership with 50Cal Café in Davie, FL. 50Cal is a super cool smoothie and health food café that lends their retail space to local businesses. You can find products like hummus, honey, cage free eggs, and now smoked fish dip on their shelves! What’s reely neat about 50cal is the experience. The café is connected to a Military Muscle Fit Gym that is owned and operated by two former Marines. They do a tremendous amount of work with the community and more specifically for our veterans. The guys love taking their family over to 50cal and grabbing a fresh smoothie and supporting all local businesses. This place is a MUST STOP when you’re in Davie!

Their third location launched in late March at Saltwater Brewery in Del Ray Beach. This was an extremely exciting land for the guys. Saltwater’s branding and vision is very similar to Reely Hooked. They focus their energy toward the conservation of sea life and the environment as a whole. So much so that they became nationally recognized for pioneering the design for biodegradable and even edible six pack rings from the grain they use in their beer. That is an amazing innovation from the typical standard which has been used for years and is harming our ocean creatures. This place is just salty and that’s all there is too it. They offer the smoked fish dip behind the bar in the retail containers for in-house consuming or take home. The Screamin Reels or LocAle are perfect companions for the smoked fish dip.

On April 28th, the Reely Hooked dudes will be launching their 4th location and 3rd Brewery. It’s a big one…Funky Buddha! Funky is located in Oakland Park, FL and is currently the second largest craft beer distributor in Florida. Their brewery is out of this world! They have a massive tasting room, a food ordering room with games, a private old fashioned food pairing room, and a gigantic beer distribution facility. Funky Buddha has a craft kitchen counter and all the food is made in- house from scratch. The guys were really stoked to partner with them for that very reason. How cool is it to be invited into a brewery like that by a chef?….this stuff must be good! Through tedious experiment, the Floridian and Hop Gun made for great fish dip partners.

If you made it to the end of this blog you’re probably thinking what’s next? Well, the guys are asking themselves that same question. They have several breweries and retail locations currently interested in their one of a kind smoked fish dip. Meanwhile, the Florida wildfire season has been a record breaker. Remarkably the fellas have continued to manage and effectively deliver to their partners. With just the two of them running the business, they are not seeking any additional business at the moment. The vision for the Reely Hooked Fish Company is a grand one, so eventually you can count on being able to purchase some at a location near you. They can’t thank everyone enough for continued support everyone has shown them, it’s the fuel that drives them forward. Stay hooked.