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Coast to Coast

The guys at Reely Hooked are hitting the road and taking their delicious smoked fish spread to the west coast of Florida. They chose the quant town of Dunedin, FL located in the heart of Pinellas County to kick off their launch after coastin’ over for a variety of reasons …

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Smoked Fish Spread or Smoked Fish Dip?

Growing up in Florida I was exposed to a variety of different seafood traditions and unique eats. When my family and I would head out to a restaurant, we would always make a point to try their smoked fish spread or dip if available on the menu. Of course there were very few places that had that spectacular, argue over the last bite fish spread; but the ones that did were simply famous for it.

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Locations Update

Reely Hooked Fish Co. was officially incorporated in August of 2016.  The company was founded by two Florida Wildland Firefighters as a way to give back to the fallen. Their adventure began selling at local farmer’s markets in South Florida and the smoked fish dip was such a hit that the company rocket launched in 2017. The pair had local breweries in their crosshairs since they felt breweries hosted a perfect demographic for their unique and healthy fish dip. They shared similar missions and philosophies regarding local community growth that also made them attractive partners.

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