Two Florida Native Wildland Firefighters with a major fishing problem perfected family recipes over the course of many years. The authentic style Floridian dishes were a major hit at every party and event where they were served! The secret to their recipe was a combination of a tedious experiment, and mixing only the freshest ingredients. After years of family and friends proclaiming their worth, they decided to take their special recipe to market. Steve and James' signature seafood item was ...... are you ready for it? A magnificent smoked fish dip made with chunks of smoked Kingfish caught on their boat from the Atlantic Ocean.

I don't think we even need to sell you on how amazing this stuff is. It has been deemed the “crack” of all appetizers. There has been family feuds started at the dinner table over the last scoop. People have died …. Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but seriously - all the stuff before this is true! Steve and James guarantee is a promise to their foodie friends that you will be Reely Hooked after one scoop of their homemade fish dip.

Being firefighters first and foremost, Steve and James vouch to donate a portion of their proceeds from the purchase of every container sold. After all, serving as a firefighter is an oath they took to give back to their community. Together they researched a variety of Wildland Firefighter foundations and carefully selected a charity that helps fund families coping with the tragic loss of a fallen family member on the fire line. 5% of our annual profits will be contributed to them..

We would like to close this by saying to let this be a message to all the wives out there that think their husbands spend too much time on the water. He may just be turning his hobby into an enterprise.

Our Process & The Ingredients

Reely Hooked launched their first brewery partnership at M.I.A Company in Doral, FL. M.I.A

Reely Hooked Fish Co. was officially incorporated in August of 2016. The company was founded by two Florida Wildland Firefighters as a way to give back to the fallen. Their adventure began selling at local farmer’s markets in South Florida and the smoked fish dip was such a hit that the company rocket launched in 2017.

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